Monday, May 18, 2015

MyPayingAds Review

This Revenue Sharing program - MyPayingAds -  is working really well.

On top of my list of Revenue Sharing Programs is MyPayingAds. I joined MPA on March 30 (Launch day) with 20 X $1 shares. Since start, MPA shares have been earning consistently, steadily, I have seen no major ups and downs, there had been no issues during launch, everything was well prepared. MPA is built for long term. 

How it works: RevShare Programs, in this case it is MyPayingAds, offer advertising packs to advertise your biz, e.g. in form of banner advertising, text ads, log in ads etc. plus the company shares the revenue with its members. With the purchase of adpacks you receive banner credits to advertise your biz. Members have to view 10 ads every 24 hrs to be able to earn revenue shares.

MyPayingAds has several plans, starting with the $1 adpacks plan ($1 earning up to $1.20) up to the $50 adpacks plan ($50 earning up to $75). Members are encouraged to "work" or better "earn" their way up. Once you have reached 100 of the $1 you can advance to the $3 ad packs, etc, maximum in each plan are 200 adpacks. MPA does not charge membership fees.

MyPayingAds' owner Uday Nara has been very supportive, replies to messages and queries right away, made a few adjustments to the plan, made some improvements to the website and back office and the BIG ONE, withdrawal requests have been processed very fast and payouts received within hours, often within minutes. 

Affiliates: MyPayingAds pays 10% commissions. There is GOOD NEWS though for those, who want to "make money online", and don't like recruiting. There is NO sponsoring and recruiting required to earn. The first month I did not promote because I wanted to see first how it works. Being tired of "HYPIE" programs, it is important to me to see it working out for those as well, who start later and not only for those who join at the beginning.

Here are a few comments from the MPA Facebook group (a nice, "clean", positive and, what all members really like, a NO DRAMA group):

MPA is the best!!
The best Admin on the net!
This its best honest program
fantastic business
This program just keeps growing stronger. I'm starting to put in fresh funds more often and my shares and funds are growing faster..
Glad to be a part of this business amazing program
Amazing Program , Fast Payment
What a joy it is to be part of Mypayingads!! I just got paid AGAIN instantly! 
MPA simply the best on-going rev share, our owner/admin is very transparent 
Wow great simply amazing!!
Amazing fast payment from MPASincerely Rocking Program
I enjoy the many different share options. Kudos to the people who started this up. 
This program is the AWESOME!!!
nothing negative can be said about MPA
This is am amazing program with amazing admin

... and many many more ....

Do you like what you see? 
If YES, then I welcome you to join me in MyPayingAds here, registration is FREE. Once you have registered, I will send you my welcome email with the next steps, how to add funds and purchase adpacks etc..

Not sure if Revenue Share Programs are for you? Read here what you should look out for when joining and working with "Rev Share Programs" like MyPayingAds. 

Please contact me for more info, or to be added to the Facebook group to check it out, ok?

Looking forward to welcoming you to my team and helping you get started :-)
Happy Earnings!

P.S. Started with $20 (20 adpacks @ $1 each) on March 30, did 100% repurchasing for the first 2 months. (As soon as I earned $1 a purchased a new $1 adpack). I love this program, why not join me here .. 
scroll down my MPA page for registration link.

(Earnings are not typical, and earnings may vary, they are not fixed, they also depend on your effort of course, please read also MPA's Earnings Disclaimer  ...)

Update 6 months later ... 

- MPA is now 6 months old and doing well, over 50 K members
- MPA has paid out more than 1,8 MILL.... 
- I am now on level 6, repurchasing 100% half of the week, the other half I save cash balance and withdraw some earnings. Payouts are still processed within 24 hrs.  YES, I LOVE MPA :-)

Get the DETAILS here and join me in MPA, registration is FREE, I'll be happy to welcome you to my team and help you getting started.