Friday, September 18, 2015

Working with Revenue Sharing Programs

It can be very rewarding to work with Revenue Sharing programs like TrafficMonsoon, MyPayingAds, PeopleAdChoice, VenturePlugTraffic, RisingTraffic and GlobalTrafficAds.

Here is why I LOVE these programs ...

First of all, there is no sponsoring or recruiting required to earn. When you have been online for a while like me, you know, that most people do want to make money online, want to earn income on the internet, BUT most have no idea how and most do not want, and even if they want, are not able to recruit or sponsor referrals.

I think it is "FEAR" what holds most back. Anyway, here is very good news, by working with Revenue Sharing programs (revshares), a huge pressure is gone because anybody is able to earn income online now.

Revshares are advertising programs which sell advertising space and then share their revenue with its members. Of course, those who do refer and sponsor others are rewarded and earn commissions.

So, enough of introduction, whoever is interested to learn more about it please contact me.

The first one or two revshares I joined earlier this year failed after a while (I cannot even remember the names any more), but now the system have been improved, "perfected", and are working really nicely.

I am happy that I never gave up on the whole "make money online" adventure and on revshares in general.

Here are my TOP Revshares  and my Updates:

MyPayingAds (MPA). I joined this end of March at launch, MPA had already 2 successful Paypal reviews, has now over 40,000 members !!!, paid out a LOT of money to members, earnings vary (was about 3-5% a day) and to stabilise and prepare the company for very long term sustainability, Uday Nara (owner of MPA) is capping the daily earnings to 2.18 - 4%. (We all do want a LONG term program, right?)

VenturePlugSystem (VPT) started out very well (Aug 22) now over 4,300 members, similar plan as MPA, earnings are capped at 6% [ :-) ] no issues here, only improvement we are waiting for is the "surf any time" option. Hopefully soon!

TrafficMonsoon (TM), what shall I say, THE CLASSIC, will be one year old on Oct 14, they have tons of live meetings in UK, it's booming in Europe, way over 1,1 MILL members, earnings are "stable", haven't experienced any fluctuations ever (It is said that over 95% of income is NOT from members but from outside advertising sales), love this !

RisingTraffic (RT) is currently building its own custom script and new website is about to launch end of the month. At the same time RT is introducing new $10 packs (currently RT has only $35 packs available). This will be huge. A good revshare is getting better :-) RT is UK based.

Hope this helps, would love to help you getting started. 
Any questions? Please contact me.

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