Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Revshare Update

So far, in my experience, Revshares can be a very good source of online income and a good place for advertising online biz and programs.

The "trick" is to find the good ones, and sometimes it also has to do with just being lucky. Sometimes, you really never know how it will work out in the end, we have seen many revshares fail over the last year others "made it" and have grown to a huge membership.

Some failed because of missing biz plan, or owner went missing, or missing reserve funds in processors, and then of course, some were not using a "good" revshare plan, e.g. set earnings too high and  then the program was not sustainable.

Others have been successful because of transparent leadership, experienced owners, business plans, and successful apdack plans.

VenturePlugTraffic (had to pause back in Nov. because Paypal is holding funds), re-started this week, without Paypal this time, same adplans, NO forced repurchase. Let's see how that goes ..

I added TrafficnCash to my revshare list. TnC started in Oct 2015 with experienced owner Jean Duclerne. One adpack/plan, it runs well, fast payouts so far, earnings are about 4% a day, TNC has a monthly member fee, however, the membership is free for the first 10 adpacks.

Also new on my list is Trafficgoals, owner from Singapore, and TG actually had a successful Paypal review just before Christmas. Runs well, adpacks start with $1.

Trafficmonsoon shared news today that they are opening their own world bank in Dubai, to be independent from 3rd party processors and move away from Paypal (PP is still available for purchases, withdrawals at the moment only available with Payza and STP.) this is exciting news, imagine, having your own TM debit card :-)

MPA is still under Paypal review, Uday Nara wrote in today's update, that "MPA management has taken the decision to wait until we know the revised terms and conditions of PayPal so that we can get the approval to use PayPal at our program." Until then, "Add funds" and Withdrawals are on hold for AL processors.

Loving the Revshares, I may add another one or two, will keep you updated.

Let's continue to stay positive, I am, but I will slowly move away from Paypal, and I recommend, to set up a Payza account if you haven't done so already, and a STP account. Verifications can take some time, better get it done now.

Happy Earnings! :-)