Saturday, September 10, 2016

What is new in the Revshare World?

Keeping up-to-date with all the programs and revshares and what's going on out there in the "revshare' world, can be, is,  a "full time job". Can be also overwhelming to keep up with everything ;-)

One has definitely learn to prioritize, you cannot do it all, it is important to find out where your main interest lies, what you prefer to do, with whom you prefer to work together, or maybe you prefer to work rather by yourself?

Anyway, I took some time off this summer, had to take a break from Facebook, wanted to get out more and spend more time with family and friends. I really had a wonderful time, I should do that more often. Coming back to "working from home", "making money online", I know what I prefer and what I like.


I just do, I don't like cyclers, and I am not too much into matrixes either.

A lot has happened in the "revshare" world. And I am sorry to say, some didn't make it.

Sometimes you just don't know, and sometimes something big happens as big "surprise", be it positive or negative.

Here is first some OLD news

Traffichubb which started March 1 I believe suddenly stopped working end of May, the plan was or is ? to send seed money back to members (some did receive, some didn't) and then to start new with new? plan.
For many weeks now, the owners have not posted any updates in their FB group, Apparently, disputes are now stopping or delaying the re-start. Updates would be nice, they lost me there, no updates, no thank you, will not restart with Traffichubb.

Ventureplugtraffic, what an adventure, members really waited it out and stuck with it and VPT was running despite all the Paypal dilemma and changes of plans in between, VPT kept running through it all, then Paypal released funds, old adpacks were reactivated, and then .... VPT could not continue, not enough reserves, not enough new sales ... too bad really.

Trafficmonsoon, members were just about to receive all the "frozen" Paypal adpacks and funds when all of a sudden the SEC comes in and takes down the website and starts investigating. Hm... , we TM members are NOT investors, we bought advertising, now the SEC took our ads away ... hearing is on Sept 23, 2016 in Utah, many members will attend too, made videos, signed affidavits, donated funds for the legal costs .. members are standing behind Charles Scoville, we hope and pray .. for updates re. Trafficmonsoon please visit this website here ...  

Myadstory, what a story really, was running quite well, Mahmoud Cherif works around the world, around the clock, always on the go, he has big plans and ideas for MAS, and then ... it got too much, all these DDOS attacks, hackers wanting to bring MAS down .. since a new website with custom script was on the to do list anyway, and adding more security, and current host was not up to it, I think it was the best choice to take the website down, run the back ups, get new hosting with much more security, and since the site is down anyway, why not take this time to get going on the custom script.

A few days ago, the new plans and adpacks have been announced during a hangout with some of the leaders and Mahmoud. See changes and hangout here.  Oh well then, no one likes changes too much, but if it is for the best and for LONGEVITY, I am ok with it and will get used to the new packs. It may take another 2 weeks until Myadstory will be back up and running again. Oh, and a monthly fee will be added too (still there will be a FREE level for beginners).

So, which revshare is working still?

Mypayingads, started last year March 2015, had to stop operations in Jan 2016 because of Paypal, restarted March 2016 with new and better plan, in July/August, Paypal released frozen funds, and MPA did pay out all the seed moneys from last year, to those who were not in profit, and members were able to transfer funds to other processor balances.

MPA continues to grow everyday and pays out everyday and is just working well :-) Reserves are in place too. Financially MPA is stable according to Uday Nara (see hangout from Aug 15, 2016). To be and stay fully compliant, MPA added a monthly fee (several levels), however, first level adpacks stay FREE, no monthly fee needed for beginners (for the first 100 packs).

Fortadpays, what an up and down during the last few months! BUT, surprise, FAP seems to be recovering, on Aug 1 FAP added new $10 packs, the "old" $1 packs are still running just earning less and only to repurchase balance, new packs earn 100% to cash balance, withdrawals are open, this time however only every other Monday, and only as bitcoins (regardless how you paid for your adpacks). We will see how it goes, so far so good, members have been paid on Sept 5 (first withdrawal run). I am glad it is going and paying again.

Once thing is for sure, to be successful with revshares, you have to, you MUST, keep up-to-date, visit the Facebook groups often, know what's going on. It is your money, your time. Learn about the programs you are in, check out the websites, back office, watch videos... I see it again and again, many "members" have no clue, and they don't take time or make the effort to find things out either, ... this I do not really understand. If you do it right, and get involved, take it serious, you will come out ahead and be successful.

I added new revshares to my TOP revshare list, check it out here, I will write about the new ones next time, in another post.

Cheers, and Happy Earnings!