Thursday, May 18, 2017

Theadsteam's response

Theadsteam's message in response to the recent event in the revshare industry (see my post from May 16, 2017). Members tend to panic, and to react in a negative way.

Online biz go up and down, can fail, can succeed, we can learn learn from mistakes made, and do it better next time. It is up to YOU. You can be successful, YOU are YOUR own success. Learn, Move On, Get Better.

This was posted in the TAT FB group May 16, 2017:

TheAdsTEAM Very Important Update:

Dear Members,
We are going to cross 100,000 Members very soon and I want to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who is taking massive action right now and creating a huge momentum. We can really make TAT Best and the Biggest Platfrom ever if all of us take action now.

I also want to address those members who are feeling bit uncertain and confused because of the current situation of the Revshare Industry

Here is a message from TheAdsTEAM Management:

1- TheAdsTEAM Business Model is very different & unique to most of the programs out there. We have TAT Advertising, Academy & Shopping Platfrom which are growing day by day and bringing stability and longevity to the whole Platform.

2- Our Advertising Platfrom is experiencing very good and consistent growth right now. Our average sign up has gone up to 600-650+ per day. Our services are being delivered on time and all withdrawal requests are being processed on time.

3- Our members base is quite diverse. We have many countries doing great in sales & traffic and having a very healthy competition. We are not relying on a particular group or a country which is a very good sign for our platfrom.

4- We are always trying our best to be pro active and plan ahead. We implemented new features well in time and when it was required. These new features has helped us to generate more sales and keep all members & Leaders on their toes.

5- We are only 7 Months Old means we have not even started yet. We will soon cross 100k members and it will become 200k, 500k, 1Million very soon. Management and Leadership & every member is not going to rest until we achieve this target.

6- Our offline events are having huge impact on our growth and we will continue to push this business both offline and Online. Our upcoming events in Poland 27th May, Italy 17th June & London 1st July will play a very important part in the growth of our business.

6- Uncertainty & Rumours can Kill any business. There is no need for that in TAT. If we start talking or thinking negative then it will have a negative impact on our business. We can make this business either a Massive Success or a Failure, it's all in our hands. We need to promote this business with full confidence and let the time decide.

7- Promote TAT in a right & ethical way. Do not misrepresent the company or do not miss-sell the products.

Our sales are quite good and company is in a very good stable position but we can do better. Let's not be complacent and lets not take it for granted. Let's take responsibility and not let anyone spread uncertainty or rumours because as I said there is no need for that in TAT.

TAT is helping a lot of people worldwide and will continue to do so if we all push in one direction.

Note: TheAdsTEAM is not an investment platfrom, we are an online advertising company working on a Revenue/Rewards Share model. No income/earnings/rewards/revenue is guaranteed, all is dependent upon future sales.