Revshare Tips

A few Tips when working with "Rev Shares"

1.)  DO NOT Join a program which offers Paypal as "add funds" and "withdrawal" option. They may tell you they are "Paypal approved", and they may have been in the past, however Paypal just recently (Dec 2015) changed their terms in regards to Revshare programs and have shown to cause real BIG trouble.

2.) Join the FB group first! Get to know the owner, group admins, members ...

3.) ALWAYS  ! read the terms ! when you register.

4.) Buy as many ad packs as you can. (DO NOT spend your bill or grocery money, use ONLY funds you can afford to lose!) Every $1 you will spend will give you a return, earning $ or points, depending what currency program uses. The MORE share earnings or POINTS you have - the MORE cash you can make daily!

5.) Week 1-4 (or more, depending on the amount you started with):
repurchase 100% (cash and repurchase balance*) to give your account a KICK START
and then save your cash balance to take your "seed money" out!

6.) Start saving some of the cash balance. For example:
repurchase 100% for 3 to 5 days, then save your cash balance for 2 ( or more) days to withdraw.

REPEAT. It's pretty simple.

Key is 100% repurchase at the start.... Get seed money.... Then grow what you have left. If you do not like to promote and or have no time, buy additional advertising space. Always best to reward yourself for hard work.

(*Cash Balance = where your referral commissions and ad pack earnings go. This money can be withdrawn! Re-purchase Balance = where a part of ad pack earnings go towards repurchasing more ad packs. This balance cannot be withdrawn!)

(* Forced Repurchase = earnings are split into cash/earnings balance and repurchase balance, cash/earnings balance can be withdrawn, repurchase balance must be used to purchase new adpacks.)

You may be thinking, why so many, isn't it better to focus on one?

In my opinion, and what I have learned from experience, the more you diversify your income, the safer you are from financial hardships. If you lose one source of income you can always fall back on another one.

Find the right amount and variety. Too much is not good either. Do your research, investigate, don't just join any "shiny" program out there promising you "riches overnight", and ALWAYS  ! read the terms !

Visit the FB groups often to see how things are going, connect with your sponsor and make an effort to learn all about a program :-)

Please ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Re. Revshares and Investments, do not buy advertising or trade or invest with borrowed money or money you cannot afford to lose. While every effort is made to check the accuracy of information contained in this blog, I can not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. I therefore strongly recommend that readers make their own thorough checks before entering into any kind of revshares, investments or trade programs.

any questions, please contact me