TheAdsTeam - Overview


STATS : June 8, 2017   
      Since Oct 15, 2016          Total Members : 103,761 +       Alexa: 10,905

Let's wait and see ....

  • 3 Plans, simple, $10, $25, $50, can start with any ..
  • NO Forced Repurchase Rule, variable daily %
  • NO Monthly Membership Fees
  • Referral commissions on 2 levels deep (8%, 2%)
  • Leadership Ranks with Rewards
  • Retail Affiliate programs (Amazon,, etc)*
  • Professional, experienced management, registered in Dublin
  • Transparent, Website info, Facebook group with 3 owners 
  • Presentation videos, PDF's, Training videos already in place
  • Withdrawals 247, $10 min. - $200-500 maximum per day
  • FREE members can earn credits and with PTC ads
  • Surf 10 websites daily (free members surf 20)
  • Payza, STP, Perfectmoney, BTC, Payeer
  • Shopping and Travel Portal
  • TAT Academy, NEXT: TAT Pro (Tools)

TheAdsTEAM Advertising with ADPACKS:
  • $10 - Revenue Share up to 110%, max 200 Adpacks
  • $25 - Revenue Share up to 115%, max 500 Adpacks
  • $50 - Revenue Share up to 120%, max 2000 Adpacks
    all adpack earnings are variable, earnings depend on sales 

  • Purchase Adpacks and watch 10 Ads per day to earn Revenue Share up to 120%.
  • Refer others and earn 8% commissions on their purchases and an extra 2% if you want to build a team.
  • You can earn extra cash for viewing PTC ads (cash links). FREE members can earn here as well.
  • Withdraw Limit: The maximum withdrawals that can be made are 2 times the purchase amount (i.e. purchases made with payment processor and/or cash balance i.e. leader's commission)
Learn about theAdsTEAM Project. We have a unique 4 tier business Model.
  • 1- TheAdsTEAM Advertising 
  • 2- TheAdsTEAM Shopping*
  • 3- TheAdsTEAM Academy
  • 4- TheAdsTEAM Pro (coming soon)


What the AdsTEAM has managed to do is bring A Lot of Big Retailers like Amazon, Uswitch, Olympus,, Digicel, Etihad Airways & Many many more on Board. Through TheAdsTEAM these Reatilers will get Targeted Traffic hence more sales. They will also provide Exclusive deals for TheAdsTEAM users. 

TheAdsTEAM will get paid Commissions on each and every sale happening through our platform. All this commission earned will be added to The Revenue Pool and Shared amonsgt the active users according to their Revenue Sharing Positions (AdPacks).