Sunday, March 27, 2016

MyAdStory in PRELaunch NOW

Yesterday I was on a hangout (see below) about a new revshare, which is planned to launch on April 8.... and ....

I was impressed....

... one of the features which I have never seen anywhere else, is, as a member in MyAdStory, you will be part of the MAS Mixer.

What is the MAS Mixer?

Imagine ...
... Everyday you have the chance to earn 5% commission from another member, even if he/she is not your referral.

How does that work?

The MAS Mixer is an EXCLUSIVE system in MyAdStorey where EVERYONE will have a new ACTIVE referral under them EVERYDAY that the earn 5% off all purchases made! This means, if you find it difficult to recruit, the job will be done for you and you may end up with a big spender under you some days, absolutely effortlessly!

This is very different to those "rotator systems" where it only benefits the first 5% of members and everyone else can expect to wait many months if not YEARS to receive their first direct referral!!

I can tell you so much, there has never been something like this before.
YES, and ALL active (NO monthly member fees) members will benefit from the mixer.

So, what is MyAdStory?

MyAdStory is a very well planned revshare, the owner (info below) took his time to research, to get his team together, to plan and  make some changes ..  ...and the result looks very good.

Who is the owner/admin?

Owner and founder of MAS is Mahmoud Cherif ( who has a strong back ground in network marketing (7 yrs), he has a graphic design and IT company. He is living in Moncton, NB, Canada. Mahmoud gathered a team of top marketers, accountants, mathematicians, designers, IT experts, and script builders to make this a reality

The MAS Ad Plan:

It is SIMPLE, there are only 2 adplans, earnings between 125% and 200% !!,

Ad-Pack Plan 1:
Cost of AdPack: $1
Banner Credits: 2
Traffic Exchange Surfing Credits: 100
Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards): Upto 200%
50% repurchase Rule
Maximum active adpacks one can have: 12000

Ad-Pack Plan 2:
Cost of AdPack: $50
Banner Credits: 5000
Traffic Exchange Surfing Credits: 1200
Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards): Upto 125%
40% repurchase rule
Maximum active adpacks one can have: Unlimited

Oh, and another nice surprise, there is NO monthly membership fee.

I recommend that you register now, because this is growing FAST, today there are already over
1900 members ...

To your success,

P.S. Want to watch the hangout? Please go here now ...
Don't know how a revshare works? Go here and find out ...