Saturday, May 20, 2017

My Update About Passive Income

I continue working with Revshares, Mining and adding Crypto Trading to the mix

You have to have patience and persistence. Do not loose your "goal" out of sight, stay focused, and forget about all the new programs popping up every week, every month. ALWAYS visit FB groups, read updates, know what is going on. 

PASSIVE does not mean "doing nothing" . You want to earn money online, you have to do something. It is still "work". Online work. Difference, you are YOUR own boss, you set your hours, your speed. It is ALWAYS YOU being responsible for YOUR success. ALWAYS keep learning, stay informed, connect.

Unfortunately, not all Revshares last, only few, we have learned, Revshares do need external income sources, or they will fail. I still love 'em though. 3 left on my list, all 3 have external income soources in place, Theadsteam and Futureapro with Futurenet, are also doing leve events (seminars) regularly. 

Investment programs come and go, I am choosing only the ones with lower daily %, never join any HYIPs, they do not last.  Personally, I am interested in Crypto Trading, see below.

Mining is still profitable, and in my opinion will be for a while, especially with more crypto coins opening up for mining. Very happy with Genesis mining, they are paying like clock work, no clicking needed. 

Here they are, my TOP Revshares ...

More info about Mining with Genesis ...

My new Adventure, Crypto Trading with CrypTradeCaptial, see my overview here

Any questions, please contact me.


Happy Earnings !!