Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What happened to MPA-MyPayingAds?

It was a sad day, yesterday, when Uday Nara (Owner of MPA/MPCA) announced his decision to pause the revshare part of  MPA (Mypayingads) and MPCA (Mypayingdryptoads) for the time being.

The reason, more outflow than inflow, current revshare model showed to be not sustainable for the future. The plan, to turn MPA/MPCA into a Trafficexchange, which is very popular, increase member base, add more advertising options, add training for new members, add a few partner programs, so members can earn some additional income, then in 2018, Uday plans to re-start the revenue sharing part with an improved model, more members, more options.

In the meantime, Uday wants to give members, who were not in profit, their "seed money" back.
He did it before, after Paypal froze funds in 2015, and MPA had to restrt in March 2016. All members who started with MPA again, and were not in profit in 2015, did receive their seed funds back.

There was a hangout today, with Uay and admin team and Facebook group admins, Uday is very confident, his plan will work out, he said, that he loves the revshare model and knows it will work.

He asks all current members to help with the Trafficexchange, the new partner programs, so we all can start the revshare in 2018 again, with success, the potential is there to make is successful for many years to come, he says during the hangout.

Company Update with Uday Nara and the team.  May 16, 2017

Please watch hangout recording here: 

It was very informative and very inspiring and shows great confidence that MPA is going on to bigger and better things in the future.

Uday said he would refund all purchases made after May 10th. Uday has a Strategy in place to give back the SEED money back.

(purchases made from processor minus withdrawals = seed money)

REMEMBER:  In the terms and conditions (see MPA/MPCA reshare sites) it says, that there are NO refunds for purchases and Earnings are never guaranteed. And still, Uday wants to return seed money. This shows integrity and a passion that NO one actually loses their money they placed into the business. Think about this.

2 or 3 new partner programs will be added for external income.

MPA/MPCA will temporarily turn into a TrafficExchange.
This will help getting a lot more members to MPA/MPCA,
we can still continue to adverise our biz.

Everybody needs places to advertise, TE's are very popular.

Income generated from TE's and partner pograms will be used
to return seed money to members not in profit and to be able to
start again as a new Revshare in 2018.

TRAINING SECTION in back office will be filled with Training.
Online Income is the future for many people world wide, only few know how.

We are in a good position, to learn, improve, get started again.
Uday will NOT leave. We can all help make MPA/MPCA great again.