Saturday, June 10, 2017

Exciting new developments with Futurenet

Just watching the recording of the latest English Futurenet * webinar from June 7, 2017, with owner Stephan Morgenstern. He is announcing some exciting NEWS and updates about the company, here are my notes.

This is a  - MUST WATCH - webinar !!

Watch the recording here (38 min)

We all know, that Dubai is the No. 1 Business Place in the world, Futurenet has now officially registered the companies and bank accounts in Dubai, and will very soon open its official office there as well.

No.2 place for Business is Hongkong, and Futurenet will be there too in the future with Bank accounts, offices, manager, customer support teams, as Stephan Morgensterns says, "Futurent makes always clever decisions". Webinar in Chinese coming out next week.

Last week Futurenet * had meetings in Las Vegas with top earners and team leaders.
More and more top leaders from other companies are joining Futurenet. Why? They find here the perfect combination of Social media and advertising, all in one place, plus the potential of the matrix and crypto currencies. BIG opportunities for huge profits. (The BIG Picture, special training video coming soon).

More events are planned this year in Europe and Macau, and Las Vegas.

Futuro Coin Launch:  Planned for Nov 2017 in Macau.

Official company offices in Brazil and Columbia are now open.

LuksPay will be available very soon, a very special payment system for the UK, created by Futurenet.  

Futurenet in the Casino Business, another form of external income source for Futureadpro *, real income.

Futurenet Cafe.  First Futurenet Cafe will open soon in Warzawa, Poland. Franchises are available, please see website for more info.

Futurenet MC debit card. Testing started now for the interface of the new e-wallet. Once everything is working, we will be able to receive our commissions to our own Futurenet card.

Creditcard payments will be available soon (without charge back option).

See STATS of countries at the end of the video.  


Fantastic Updates from Futurenet !!

I am very happy with Futurenet / Futureadpro. Please see also my overview here ..

Any questions, please let me know.

Join me here, once registered please wait for my welcome email with Step by Step to get started.

* What is Futurenet?

Futurenet  .....  has its own SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM (since Oct 2014) , has its own Revenue Sharing Advertising Platform called Futureadpro (since April 2016) , is a Shopping an Travel Portal , has REAL Products (capture pages, autoresponders, success system, blogging platform, cloud storage ...) , has REAL sponsored games and own games and also REAL Physical Products (Perfume, Coffee ...) , sponsors Sport Clubs ,  did I mention Revenue from Casinos ? , Futuro Coins coming soon , Futurenet Cafe coming soon , offices in several countries ................

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