Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Futurenet Friends Tree Rewards Program

The Power of the Futurenet Friends Tree Rewards Program

FUTURENET is an amazing opportunity that offers many different ways to earn income online.

You can join for FREE and do the following...

- Use the Social Media side of the business and get paid to be active ...
- Shop Online ...
- Book travel flights and hotels ...
- Advertise your websites and earn from revenue sharing of the company ...
- Futurenet makes revenue also from car leasing, casinos, product development and sales, cloud storage service/apps, Online Casinos, Futurenet Cafes  etc...

One of the powerful Futurenet Business Opportunities is the Friends Tree Reward Program, also known a the "Matrix".

You may be someone like me who who tried and joined already several matrixes online over the last few years, and never had much success with it. You may be thinking, this is not for me, thank you very much, been there, done that.  I understand. That's what I thought too at first.

Since I love everything Futurenet does, and "everybody" tells me that the Futurenet matrix is very powerful (actually, it has already produced a few millionaires), I had to take another look.

How does the Friends Tree Reward Program (or "The Futurenet Matrix") work:

The friends tree has a board with 6 different positions, it is a forced matrix, only 3 can be on the first level of the matrix, there are up to 10 levels.

The first position starts with a one time $10, there are NO monthly fees.

The other positions are:
$10, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000

Everybody has to start with the $10 position, in order to get into the higher position, one has to purchase the earlier positions first.

A member will earn 5% commission on direct referrals, and their referrals and so on (5% commissions are paid for new members entering the matrix, regardless if you sponsored them or your referrals or sponsors (spill overs).

Members will receive media points which they can exchange in Futurenet for Futurenet products like landing pages, blog, cloud service etc.

See how powerful this 3 X 10 matrix can be:

Income in the $10 matrix = $ 44.099

Is this even possible? With a ONE time payment of $10?  YES - IT IS !! and there is more ....


The Matching Bonus is calculated on the basis of income from:

To get Matching Bonus you do NOT need to have any qualifications.
From each directly invited Partner, who gets the bonus in Friends Tree you get from 10% to 50% of his income value! The amount of Matching Bonus depends on the owned Package.

What is included in the ONE time payment of $10 
(besides the amazing potential to earn $44,900) ?

  • FREE Registration to Futurenet - Social media platform INCLUDED
  • Marketing Tools (Landing pages, videos, autoresponder, prewritten follow up emails) INCLUDED
  • Webinars and Training INCLUDED
  • Access to our Team's Facebook group INCLUDED
  • NO Monthly Fees 
  • Tons of processor options available

So, How do I get started?

2.)  Wait for my email with STEP by STEP guide

3.)  Join the Friends Tree  ...  :-)

I am looking forward to welcoming you to our Team :-)

To Your Success!!

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