Thursday, November 02, 2006

To be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Robert Kyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) says:
"The richest people in the world look for and build networks,
everybody else looks for work."

Hey, Want a Great Pizza...?

I am very excited about a concept, which is around now for about 50 years. To be in business for yourself but not by yourself. To do what everybody else is doing everyday and getting paid for it. Friends helping Friends!
Here is a little story to explain the concept.

Connie and Joe open a new Pizza place in town, and on opening day, you stop in and grab a few slices for lunch. The place is clean, the owner is friendly, Connie's husband Joe is in the back, kneading a batch of fresh dough. The portions are good, the prices are right and the pizza is very tasty. On the way out, Joe comes around front, wipes his hands on his apron, and personally thanks you for stopping by and trying his pizza.

You mention it to a few friends, and next Saturday night there are six of you sitting down to two large pizzas. You are happy to show them your new "find". Your friends are happy to have a good dining experience, and the owners-- well Joe and Connie are real happy that you are advertising for them! Does that sound like something you might do?

What if Connie and Joe were so happy they decided to try an experiment? The next time you stop in, Joe comes out from the back, pulls up a chair, and says: "Hey, I have an idea for you. You know a lot of people, right? I'm stuck here in the kitchen, right? So why don't we become partners, you and me? Connie and I decided we are going to give you a little commission on every customer you refer to us, OK? "

So you talk it up a little. You tell your soccer team, and the folks down at the gas station, and don't think a whole lot more about it until you stop back by a week later, and Joe gives you a check for $37.43, and says: "You are doing a great job, partner, keep it up!

Connie and I are so happy, we are going to give you an override on any customer that buys a slice, that found out about Connie's Pizza-- not just because of you, but because of all these people your friends are now telling too"

Would that be sweet, or what? Does this sound fair? Is anybody getting hurt here?

This is the essence of Network Marketing. So, what is this "Network Marketing" anyway?

It is doing business in a very personal way. It’s about sharing a product or service with everyone you know. Sharing your story.

It is the way honest business is done in the real world-- Friends Helping Friends. Do you enjoy referring friends to good restaurants, products or services that you have enjoyed yourself? If so, you are a Network Marketer, you’re just not getting paid for it.

The companies that do business this way are some of the fastest growing and most successful companies in the world today. Why?

The business owners love it because instead of paying up front to an agency for an ad campaign, (which may or may not work) their advertising budget is tied directly to their sales volume. They only pay for it when a sale is made. As their business expands, their advertising budget grows with it, so the profits can go towards their expansion.

These companies who do business this way have huge bases of satisfied, loyal customers, secured word of mouth advertising, retained by relationships, and they market everything from toothpaste to telephones. It works!

Getting paid for WHO you know, not WHAT you know—

AND the best thing about network marketing is that you get to make a difference in peoples lives whether they are in business with you as partners or as members and customers.... Unlike any other business that I know of you get paid to make friends. The more relationships & friendships that you develop over time the higher the standard of living for all. The more you help others to achieve their own goals, the more you get to live out your goals and dreams!

What is in it for me, you might ask?

Mini franchise concept or called people franchise. It’s a proven turn key system you can use. Duplicating what others have done before you.

There are:

* Tax benefits
* No inventories
* No overhead
* No boss and no set hours
* Residual income and unlimited income potential (who thinks he is overpaid here?)
* personal growth
* opportunity to help other people

Do you want to get a lot of money?

Help a lot of people.

Robert Kyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) says:

"The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everybody else looks for work."

There are exciting and existing products, mentors, teams and systems. And they already work. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. All you have to do is find the best company and upline and do what they have done.

There are two groups of people:

1 who promote and recommend and pick up a cheque

2 who promote and recommend and do not get paid.

Where are you?
Joe and Connie get to do what they do best, and you don't need to learn how to twirl pizza dough over your head, just talk it up. There is no limit to the number of customers you can refer, and you can set up other people to do the same thing you are doing.


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