Wednesday, December 05, 2012

3 Do Nots for Internet Marketers

…and wannabes.

I think it is time to remember a few points of real TRUTH behind Internet Marketing. To stop wasting your time on a bunch of  lame and disappointing products that don’t or can’t do a thing for you to get you hopping on the fast track to success.

[ By the way, when I say the words "fast track to success" I DO NOT mean you will be making hundreds, thousands, or millions of dollars by tomorrow night. You have just about a good a chance of that happening as winning the lottery... ]

1.) Don’t Believe … 

…That You Can Log Onto The Internet And Start Earning BIG Income After Putting In 15 Minutes Of Work.

Simply put. . . .

It Ain’t Gonna Happen. Period.

Because…what is the very last word in the title?  WORK.  Working online is just as time consuming and task oriented as an offline job. Sometimes it’s even more work!
There’s no “magic bullet” or pill that will magically transform you into a multi-million dollar earner overnight. If you’re not willing to put forth some effort on your own part, you might as well just quit while you’re ahead of the game.

It takes a serious commitment on your part if you honestly want to have an online business. It also takes a lot of skills you have to learn, and money to invest into your business. Yes. It takes all those things. And if you’re not ready for it, don’t like the way it sounds, or seriously believe in the “get rich quick myth”, then don’t attempt to start your own business because you’ll be sunk within two weeks.

2.)  Don’t Expect …

… To Make Money For Free.

I’ve seen this time and time again. Thousands of people hopping onto the internet expecting that they can somehow make money starting from $0. To be honest, this really isn’t plausible if you honestly think about it.

Every single company has to have cash on hand to start up their business with. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Whether they have to buy supplies, advertising space, or products to resell to their customers, all of them have to have real money to purchase this stuff with.

It’s no different with an online business. You STILL HAVE TO HAVE MONEY TO SPEND IN ORDER TO SEE A RETURN. It’s basic economics here. With that being said, you also need to know WHERE to spend your money for it to do you the most good and see the most profits as a result of spending it. So, be choosy where you spend your money. Just know that you need to have it in order to make it.

There may be the one or other exception, for example you can find and start with a free program where the owner does pay you a commission for upgraded referrals, it does exist.  When you then use these funds and put them back into YOUR online business, that’s OK, but also know, that this takes a bit more time.


3.)  Don’t Dwell …

… Negatively On Your Online Flops Or Failures.

This is a tough one. Many people are already pre-conditioned to dwell on their own personal failures in life. But you need to develop a system of working through, and more importantly, past them. >>> Let it go. File this as EXPERIENCE you are learning from.

If you have started something, or with a program and it does not work out and fizzles out, then just get started working on your next project. It’s really no bigger a deal than what you yourself make it out to be. In a few weeks time, you will be on your way with your next one, which will be bigger and better than the last, right?

Now that’s the spirit!

No matter what, I wish you all the best, and hope that you have the greatest success. Never give up, believe in yourself, and you can succeed!

This is to YOUR Success!

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