Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Why haven't I made any money yet?

I received this questions today:

I seen your post about CopyPasteCash and was wondering, does this really work? Because I'm looking to make some money, and I haven't made any with ............... yet.

Here is my answer:
Yes, CopyPasteCash (CPC) does work.
It is a great training program with a very good support group if you want to learn how to place ads online, for example, although other marketing techniques are covered too. Or, you can also sell this course to your new members who need training, because you really do not want to spend your time training newbies, while you could network or work on your business, right?

Why haven't I made any money with  .......... yet?

Keith Jones, my upline and coach wrote:
"If one person in any opportunity can make money... lots of money... same program... same system... same tools... What's the difference? It's only one answer... It's YOU! Personal Development is essentail.. I cant stress that enough... If YOU are not doing well... invest more time investing on making YOU better... Great Content to Youtube Is Jim Rohn... Robert Kiyosaki ... Napoleon Hill ... are just a couple... All have hours of content on youtube... DONT SLIP ON PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT IF YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE GREAT THINGS IN LIFE."

As with anything online or off line, the MAIN ingredients for success is FOCUS and MIND SET training. You may join CPC or any other program out there, and still think, it does not work, and it won't.

Why doesn't it work? Why is nothing working for me?

Because your thinking "stinks". Because you are always looking for the next best shiny thing while you may be already in a great money making program (or 2 and 3...) which does work great if worked correctly.
Sorry for being so blunt, but that has been my experience in the last years while I was trying to make money online and was trying this and that and this and that and guess what, always had the same results.

Now, with CopyPasteCash, we have a real good support team going, it's a great training program, actually I think it is one of the best training programs out there, especially for newbies. 

CPC does work. BUT it needs Focus to make it work. It needs the right mind set to make it work.
Here is my suggestion: download these FREE ebooks , read every day, go to Youtube and watch Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar...there are1000's of great videos available.

What is my secret to success?

I started doing just that, downloaded the books into my kindle, started reading everyday, started listening to MP3s, started watching the Videos...., and you know what? This makes all the difference in the world, really. 

Keith Jones:
"Being Successful In Internet Marketing Is Easy~ If You Know The Formula !
100 % Success = 80% Personal Development + 20% Marketing"

This is to YOUR Success!

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