Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Do you know your magic number?

Do you know your magic number?

It's not what you may think ...

It's the amount you need to cover, before everything else is gravy.

Working from Home, in your own internet business, requires some "investments", for example, the cost for your website and hosting, the cost for your marketing tools, like autoresponders, capture pages, the cost for training ... 

Everything you make above and beyond that, goes towards building your wealth and legacy.

Here's what you want to think about covering:

* Mortgage/Rent
* Groceries
* Health
* Insurance
* Car payment/Insurance
* Credit Card
* Debt (min payments)
* School for kids?
* Utilities
* Internet/TV/Phone/Cell

Now go ahead, add these up, and write down what this number is.

It is vitally important to have a very concrete reason to build your online income or you won't
do it.

Are you ready?

Your life can be completely different...

Imagine how would you feel if you could spend more time with your kids or lose the pressure of heavy debt.

Go here and Watch the Overview Video <---

Watch and take notes...

Don't wait, take a leap of faith and decide you want something better.

You can do this!

A great community of Freedom Seekers and Entrepreneurs is here to help you along the way.

Got Questions? no problem, just contact me.

Talk soon.

P.S. You can create the life you dream about!
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