Thursday, September 11, 2014

So you still want to make money online?

Still dreaming of making money online?

Me too. Never gave up on that dream of mine. Been through up and downs, tried this and that.

Sometimes with success (a bit), sometime none at all.

But you know what? As long you do not give up on your dream, and keep going, you may actually get there one day.

However, here is my experience how it will NOT happen:

It will NOT happen by jumping from one pre-launch to the next.
Been there, done that. Not good.

It will NOT happen when you join team build after team build, hoping that others build your team for you.
Been there, done that, its not working.

It will NOT happen by joining all the nice and HYPIE and shiny programs, THE BEST EVER this and thats.
Been there, done that, its not working.

OK, BUT how will it happen? What do I have to do?

1.)  Be aware that you need at least a bit of funds to "invest" in YOU. YOU, because you are building first "ME Inc." So, everything you purchase towards your ME Inc s an investment in YOU. That includes, membership fees, affiliate fees, training, tools ...

2.)  Be willing to learn and follow instructions. The best way to become successful fast, s by following someone who went before you, and follow his or her instructions, right? Why re-invent the wheel, when someone tested it all out and proves that it works and on top of it is willing to show you how.

3.)  Be willing to work and take action. YES, it is work. But, instead of working for somebody else and make that person money, you will be now working for yourself and making money for YOU.

4.)  Be patient. Sometimes we all hit a bump in the road, that's OK, that's part of the journey, As long as you do not give up and flee the scene but stick with your new and growing ME Inc, its all OK. After rain comes the sunshine, after you went through the valley, t's going upwards again.

5.)  Be connected. You finally found your mentor, your coach your team mates, your support group, you are not alone, not by yourself, you can learn with and from others, they can learn from you too. This is all wonderful BUT do not forget to stay connected. You cannot make t on your own, a very few may be able, but most need their support system. It's all here, stay connected, visit the chats and groups everyday to keep updated.

6.) Be flexible. Sometimes there will be a change. Not everyone likes change, but change is part of life. Don't fight it. Go with the flow. Trust that everything will work out for you in the end.

7.) Be consistent. Last but not least, be and stay consistent. This maybe the most important point of all. Doing something once in a while doesn't really cut it. Do something everyday. One step at a time, but everyday. OK, I know, there may be circumstances where it is not quite possible for a time being, that's ok, I am talking here about once you get going and start really working on YOUR ME Inc. Then stay consistent.

I hope I didn't scare you off, if I did, sorry, but then that's not for you anyway. If you think that was helpful, leave a comment, connect with me.

This is to your Success!

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