Saturday, May 06, 2006


Just starting. Yes, I was very excited to start a blog. So I created one (, then got distracted, forgot my log in word, password, everything, couldn’t find my blog anymore, shoot.

Then I heard, word press IS the one to use. So I created a word press blog. Easy to set up it said, someone said. OK, I am experienced in building web sites, so how hard can it be?!
It was hard for me. I couldn’t figure it out. It got all messed up. Help!
Some more weeks were gone. My third try (there is apparently no try, just DO!). Here it is. Just started. So far so good. What now.

John Reese says in his report, that he is suffering from entrepreneur’s ADD, he gets distracted and then he forgets. Me too. I have the same. So here is my new blog and I cannot get started at all. What do I write about?

I am a network marketer, Internet work marketer. I never intended to become a writer. Isn’t that exciting?! Just have to write the first piece. Just do it. Here it is. How I got started blogging , my blogging-journey.

My tip for today:
Don’t go the try-and-error route. You may of course do it but then don’t expect too much success in what you do. Do the short cut and learn from the experts who have gone before you. And that means that sometimes the free stuff is not enough. You got to pay for your education. With time, money, courage, persistence….
But first things first: Get started!

Here is my recommendation for all who are in network marketing , mlm’ers:
Read this Newsletter and get this book. You will have more than one Aha moments per page. Finally a way out, no more the dreaded cold calling leads who do not want to be called anyway and never remember that they filled out something in the first place. Finally a way to find your heavy hitters you are dreaming about and you know they are out somewhere.

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