Monday, May 08, 2006

Blogging and Pinging

Now I got the first post online. But there is more involved than just posting to your blog. You heard about pinging, haven’t you? Do you know how to ping? Where to ping? What to submit and where? And how often?

There are lots of ebooks out there in cyber space to get all the info you need. Don’t get overwhelmed. Do it step by step. Day by day. Here a bit, there a bit and you’ll get there.
I am reading right now the "Blog and Ping Tutorial" from (ups I closed the file)…..

My recommendation for today:
Sign up for a membership site like
NICHE HEALTH PRODUCT, you’ll have all the tools and training and coaching and information you need to build web sites, including the marketing and hosting, the content, graphics, keywords etc and great interaction with other members in the forum.

Another great tip is:
Stay organized. In the beginning I signed up for all affiliate programs it seemed, all of them. Got so many ebooks and tools and …then of course I couldn’t remember what is was and where it came from and how it was connected.

Where was I? Pinging. You need a yahoo account to because Yahoo allows you to subscribe to your own RSS feed. The you create a Yahoo Ping and an Technorati Ping. And so on. Without instructions your are lost.

To Your Success!

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