Thursday, June 01, 2006

Now is the time for the next step

4 weeks ago I was asked the question; "Are you extrovert or introvert?"
My automatic response was: "I am introvert. Am I not shy? Afraid to talk to "strangers"? But then, I love networking. I enjoy being out among people. So what am I?"
I am on this earth now for so many years and I still don’t know? Where do I go? What do I become? A speaker?
We learn everyday!

I was born in and grew up Germany, in a town called Hoesel. My parents wanted me to become an engineer. That’s what my Dad was, an engineer. But I had different dreams. Totally different. I wanted to become a nurse. One day my parents brought an uniform/costume from England. A cape, a hat, the watch. I liked that.
But that’s too easy. You have a dream – you follow it – you become. No, there had to be a detour.

I was very rebellious in my teens, and I dreamed of being an artist, living in a hippie community. It would be cool to make everything yourself.
Now was the time for the next step.
Dropping out of school. What do I need a high school degree for?
I moved into a different city called Duesseldorf and I did an apprenticeship in a fashion company. Knowing how to sew is definitely helpful when living in a community. So I worked in the fashion industry for 3 years and helped in fashion shows, worked in administration, the works. My goal was to visit the college of Fashion Design afterwards. But, these were not the kind of people I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
Dream No. 1 awakened again. And…

Now was the time for the next step.
I moved into a different city called Cologne and started with nursing school. There was my uniform. And – guess what - I didn’t like it. Skirt hanging wide over the knees, collar buttoned up, having to wear white aprons and then the hat.
But these were only minor details. I loved nursing. Helping people. The medical education.
So, I did this for several years and then…

It was time for the next step.
I moved into a different city called Frankfurt and got married. Now I became a housewife. Mom with first one, then two, then three and then
We moved into a different city called Stuttgart and then we had No.4.
In 92 we came to Canada to visit my brother in law and his family. And we loved it here in BC. "Let’s try to immigrate again!" Again? Yes, we had tried it before in the beginning of our marriage. But despite sponsorship and knowing influential people in the government, we tried for 3 years without any results. Now, 10 years later – let’s try one more time!
Now was the time for the next step.

We applied and then we had 6 months to sell everything and pack our suitcases and some boxes and then we moved to into a different city called…..Vancouver. The first years were very tough but we never looked back.
No nursing here though. Different system, different education, different exams. I did the paper routes and I worked with Canada Post for 2 years as an Admail worker. Volunteer work and Office work…
... And then it was time for the next step.
1 1/2 years ago I started my own business – Internet marketing consulting. Me – the shy one. But I knew I had to do the next step.

In February was the time. For too long I had the ad lying on my desk. Morningside Toastmasters. I knew from my Cousin in L.A. how great Toastmaster was and how much she had learned and changed.
I will take Grace by her word. She said: "Once you’ve did your first speech, you want to do more."
Yes, and now, I took the next step.
And by the way, did I mention that since we live here in Canada we have already moved three times?

P.S. This was in 2003, since then we moved to the Sunshine Coast to Sechelt, one year later to Roberts Creek, and now I’m pooped and stay put until……..

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