Thursday, May 18, 2006

What a day!

Did you ever have it happen to you that things happen all at the same time? Well, I had a day like that.

First the dryer, which was already making funny noises for a while, started to squeal like a horde of pigs and refused to work anymore, and then the washer refused to do the work it was designed for and did not spin. No amount of twisting knobs or calm words would convince it to work. The good news, the repairman came right away, one of the benefits of living in little town I guess. However, when he tried the washer, the stupid thing WORKED. I could not believe it. Made me happy that the dryer at least was toast. So he fixed the dryer, but when I insisted that the washer was broken he gave me this very funny look and left, telling me that IF I have further problems to call him. Great!

Him gone I went back to do the laundry. Guess what? The *&%^^%$ laundry machine DID NOT work. I called the man, but this time I did not get lucky, he was busy. Hopefully he can come tomorrow or on Friday, or on Monday………

Not one to be easily discouraged I went to do some vacuuming. We had to fix the belt, no surprise here. With two big Alaskan Malamutes even the best vacuum cleaner dies very quickly. Because of the hair that keeps flying through the house like tumbleweeds. It is shedding season and the hair is everywhere, but I digress. My youngest daughter, the sweet, started the vacuum and drum roll please……. it worked.

For about a minute when suddenly big black smoke started to billow, no not wafted, but billowed out of every part of the machine. That was it, we unplugged the vacuum, opened the windows to get the stink out and I proceeded to work in our on-line business. There are after all lots of customer questions to be answered, orders to be placed and so on. Thinking the day could only get better. I was wrong. My brother, I love him dearly and he is a very intelligent man COULD NOT FIND the order button on our products site. We have one order button clearly visible under EVERY product. How can you NOT find it? Now with every other customer I would be super friendly and talk them through this very difficult task, but…he is my brother. You can talk frankly with your brother, right? Wrong! He was, let us say not very happy with what I called him and did not order, yet. He probably will tomorrow.

After that I decided not to do anything important anymore, have a nice cup of coffee, take a book and relax. In hindsight it seems all pretty funny and that is why I thought I share it with you.

Have FUN! Do not let circumstances get you down. When life hands you a lemon, make lemon juice. No idea who said that, but I like it.
(I posted this for my husband, I think everybody can relate to such a day!)

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