Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Bed Monster

The house is quiet, the kids are sleeping, I just checked on the dogs and we are ready for the night. Suddenly, a rustling, little grunt and heavy moving.

At first we didn't know where it came from because it stopped and it was quiet again. After several minutes the moving and grunting continued, this time the noise originated clearly from under our bed. What can be under our bed? The noise was generated from something a lot bigger then the occasional rat that finds it's way into the walls. It sounded actually very big.

I decided to take a careful peek and check.

What I saw made my hair stand on edge, a dark, large shadow with green reflecting eyes starred at me from deep within the underbed confines.

The moment it saw me looking at it, it started to crawl laboriously and noisily towards me. It also squeaked and wagged it's tail. Wagged it's tail? Of course, it was Jerome who had somehow found his way under our bed. He had a hard time to get out (see picture, but he loves dark places where he can hide, he is a real den animal (half wolf, half malamute).

I never thought he would fit under the bed, to big a behind :)


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