Thursday, March 08, 2007

Last night I could not sleep….

Usually I sleep very well, thank you. But last night I could not sleep. It is no full moon, may be too much excitement? However, I was laying there, tossing and turning and thinking….thinking…millions of thoughts racing through my brain.One of Ozzie''s (my brother in law) favorite questions is: "What keeps you up at night." Hm, should I get up and turn on my PC again?

And then I was struck with amazement, thinking about my online friends all over the world. How I was sleeping in rainy and cold and dark British Columbia, where my online friend Spencer is most likely sitting in College on a hot day in India. We met 2 or 3 years ago in a forum. Having great brainstorming sessions together online, exchanging ideas, messaging back and forth almost every day and sharing our successes. Or Brenda in New Zealand, we both are living in a "gum boot capital". My prosperity team mate Carrie in California, my business associates in England, Australia, on the East Coast….I love the Internet!!

Yes, I am very exited about that. And about the fact, that we all help each other, make more money online. COME and JOIN US!


Take back the Internet – building a Global Community

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