Wednesday, March 09, 2016

How to Brand Yourself on Facebook

using these Facebook strategies ...

and this works just the same on G+ or other social media sites.

My "How to Brand Yourself" Treasure Map


First of all, do SOMETHING, every day, "consistency" is key here.
Start a daily routine, make yourself a "daily action guide".

You will only see results and success when you are consistent and follow this plan DAILY!

“You cannot do the right thing on a consistent basis and receive the wrong results!”

These strategies do require effort. They require serious dedication and consistent action but if you do take massive action on this, over the next couple of months you’re going see good results and see success and start making a good income just from FB. But you MUST be consistent on a daily basis!

You cannot just "try this" for a few days and say..."oh, that does not work ..." and then stop. Of course, then it will not work. You may not see results overnight, it may take some time, but I promise you, do this a few weeks, a few months, and you will see results and will grow your friends list and you will get more followers ...

Daily Action Plan (examples)

Status Updates

1. Check all your new notifications on your Facebook personal profile.

2. Respond to everyone who commented on your posts, responds to your status updates, and those who are asking questions on your profile.

3. Respond to all messages in your Facebook personal profile inbox. Don’t forget to check the “Other” box as well ;) Take time to actually look at others' profiles.

4. Post a status update on your Facebook profile several times throughout the day. Give VALUE, donʼt pitch! Be sure to always come back each day and interact with those who have interacted
on your status updates.

5. Comment on 5 or more friends’ statuses. You can do this in groups as well.

6. Send a few positive messages every day. NO Pitching!!

7. When someone friend requests you, post a thank you on their wall. This continues to build the relationship.


Set up your Fanpage and link your Fanpage to your Personal profile (work). Post something of value or motivational on your fan page daily. E.G. take the most liked and responded to post from your profile page and share it on your fanpage.

TIP: The Fanpage should be about YOU! Not about a company. It’s about BRANDING YOU!

How to find new contacts in Facebook groups

Go to the Internet Marketing groups or other groups that you are a member of
(IM, Internet Marketing, MLM ...).

1. Click on the members tab.
2. Sort the members tab by join date.
3. Send the following message to several  people, one by one.

Please modify the message where needed. You are looking to make friends with this message, NOT sell anything. I repeat, DO NOT PITCH. DO NOT SPAM.  You are not trying to sell anything. In your conversations with them ONLY mention your company if asked.

Ask what they are doing and offer help or suggestions based on your current knowledge…

Also you are NOT to join any new opportunities. If they offer just ask them to send you a link or better yet a breakdown of the company’s comp plan so that you can compare it with how you are currently being paid.

Reach out, comment, and answer questions and interact daily.

Sample Script (example only)
Hey [their name],
How are things? Hope all is well. Just came across you in the ...  group. Have you been into
Internet marketing long? If you like, message me back, so maybe we can share some ideas?
Have a great day. Thanks [your name]

TIP: Before replying to a new message look at the person’s profile so that you can use their information to better communicate with them! DO NOT (NEVER) just ADD FRIENDS!!!! Facebook will “punish” you if you add too many friends a day (more than 4 !) or when you add friends every day. Always let people add you.


To YOUR Success!

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