Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Do you know your magic number?

Do you know your magic number?

It's not what you may think ...

It's the amount you need to cover, before everything else is gravy.

Working from Home, in your own internet business, requires some "investments", for example, the cost for your website and hosting, the cost for your marketing tools, like autoresponders, capture pages, the cost for training ... 

Everything you make above and beyond that, goes towards building your wealth and legacy.

Here's what you want to think about covering:

* Mortgage/Rent
* Groceries
* Health
* Insurance
* Car payment/Insurance
* Credit Card
* Debt (min payments)
* School for kids?
* Utilities
* Internet/TV/Phone/Cell

Now go ahead, add these up, and write down what this number is.

It is vitally important to have a very concrete reason to build your online income or you won't
do it.

Are you ready?

Your life can be completely different...

Imagine how would you feel if you could spend more time with your kids or lose the pressure of heavy debt.

Go here and Watch the Overview Video <---

Watch and take notes...

Don't wait, take a leap of faith and decide you want something better.

You can do this!

A great community of Freedom Seekers and Entrepreneurs is here to help you along the way.

Got Questions? no problem, just contact me.

Talk soon.

P.S. You can create the life you dream about!
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Monday, September 15, 2014

Keep the cool, be calm ...

Had a challenging Sunday yesterday ...

My drive (google drive on chrome book) was not working as it was supposed to,
I saw my files but couldn't access them ..  ..

then the washing machine stopped working in the middle of the cycle.  ...

luckily I had the meat in the slow cooker, nothing can really go wrong there  ...

and them my daughter showed up for a surprise visit, really LOVED that  ...

One thing I learned recently, not to fight challenges which come your way, who knows why it is happening... but instead try and keep your cool, keep calm, expect that something good will come out of it.

To Your Success!
P.S. You can create the life you dream about!
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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Times are changing and they are changing fast

"The world is changing at an ever increasing pace. 
Everything in our lives is speeding up - and for many it is snowballing. 

Those that are doing extremely well just continue to do better and those that are struggling are feeling that compound. For the average, the middle is disappearing before our very eyes. 

Now, more than ever before the phrase 'Grow or die' rings true. 

You have to make a conscious choice to succeed, to improve, to take steps forward towards your goals. 

The days of waiting, staying the same or just-skating-by are officially over. 

Your destiny is in your hands and your hands only."  -- Bob Proctor

.... and I fully agree !

Times are changing and they are changing fast.  
Create YOUR Life, let us help you!

and get back to me with any questions, ok?

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For your future!

P.S. We share and learn about self-development, mindset and marketing growth and walk in the footsteps of millionaires. We learn how to build and maintain an internet business, so that we can live the lap top FREEDOM lifestyle.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

So you still want to make money online?

Still dreaming of making money online?

Me too. Never gave up on that dream of mine. Been through up and downs, tried this and that.

Sometimes with success (a bit), sometime none at all.

But you know what? As long you do not give up on your dream, and keep going, you may actually get there one day.

However, here is my experience how it will NOT happen:

It will NOT happen by jumping from one pre-launch to the next.
Been there, done that. Not good.

It will NOT happen when you join team build after team build, hoping that others build your team for you.
Been there, done that, its not working.

It will NOT happen by joining all the nice and HYPIE and shiny programs, THE BEST EVER this and thats.
Been there, done that, its not working.

OK, BUT how will it happen? What do I have to do?

1.)  Be aware that you need at least a bit of funds to "invest" in YOU. YOU, because you are building first "ME Inc." So, everything you purchase towards your ME Inc s an investment in YOU. That includes, membership fees, affiliate fees, training, tools ...

2.)  Be willing to learn and follow instructions. The best way to become successful fast, s by following someone who went before you, and follow his or her instructions, right? Why re-invent the wheel, when someone tested it all out and proves that it works and on top of it is willing to show you how.

3.)  Be willing to work and take action. YES, it is work. But, instead of working for somebody else and make that person money, you will be now working for yourself and making money for YOU.

4.)  Be patient. Sometimes we all hit a bump in the road, that's OK, that's part of the journey, As long as you do not give up and flee the scene but stick with your new and growing ME Inc, its all OK. After rain comes the sunshine, after you went through the valley, t's going upwards again.

5.)  Be connected. You finally found your mentor, your coach your team mates, your support group, you are not alone, not by yourself, you can learn with and from others, they can learn from you too. This is all wonderful BUT do not forget to stay connected. You cannot make t on your own, a very few may be able, but most need their support system. It's all here, stay connected, visit the chats and groups everyday to keep updated.

6.) Be flexible. Sometimes there will be a change. Not everyone likes change, but change is part of life. Don't fight it. Go with the flow. Trust that everything will work out for you in the end.

7.) Be consistent. Last but not least, be and stay consistent. This maybe the most important point of all. Doing something once in a while doesn't really cut it. Do something everyday. One step at a time, but everyday. OK, I know, there may be circumstances where it is not quite possible for a time being, that's ok, I am talking here about once you get going and start really working on YOUR ME Inc. Then stay consistent.

I hope I didn't scare you off, if I did, sorry, but then that's not for you anyway. If you think that was helpful, leave a comment, connect with me.

This is to your Success!

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Thursday, February 06, 2014

MMO Cashout Prelaunch

MMO Cashout just started its pre-launch, or Alpha launch, on Friday, Jan 31, 2014, with long anticipation and after many years of preparation,

What exactly is MMO Cashout?

MMO Cashout is a new (Online Game/Video Game) MLM that opened for Alpha Pre-Launch. MMORPG and Video Game sales is a 1 BILLION Person Target Market. Gamers are the largest group of “network marketers” – although they don’t even know it.

The price point of $10 to join is affordable worldwide. MMO Cashout’s matrix is a forccd 2 x 20, which means it holds 2.1 million people. This establishes up $7 Million dollars profit/month potential per spot you control.

MMO Cashout Community

What’s included, what’s the plan for the future:
  • MMO Cashout (earn money/matrix) (be a member here for $10 a month and have access to the other 3)
  • MMO Buy It (“amazon like”/store for gamers)
  • MMO List It  (“ebay like”  list your game things for sale)
  • MMO Playbook (like FB for gamers)

FREE Training is included as well. We will TEACH YOU how to target Gamers and bring them into this business, whether you know what a Liege Lord, Guild, Wyvern is or NOT!

PLUS – We’ll be providing FREE Marketing Suite, Website, Lead Capture Pages, Weekly Hangouts for Training & Support, and SO MUCH MORE. We help each of YOU make incredible life changing profits!


Watch this presentation …

Coming in early, as a founder, has quite some benefits:


•Get Paid to Buy and Sell Video Games, Gear and Levels!!!

•Beta Test the Latest Games!!!

•Earn from the Monthly Profit Sharing Pool!!

•Multiple ways to Get Paid!!!

Enter at any membership level: Peasant, Squire or Royal starting at ONLY $10!

How to Earn While Playing Video Games with MMO Cashout

To earn an income with MMO Cashout you only need 2 kindreds (= personal referrals).  This enables you to “collect taxes from” (earn commissions on) your referrals and their referrals (maybe some spillover too from upline).  However, to earn the full potential you just need 7 kindreds to collect taxes on 2 million who will eventually be in your matrix. And imagine this, even if your matrix is only 10% full you would still be earning a life changing income.

How to Earn While Playing Video Games with MMO Cashout

To earn an income with MMO Cashout you only need 2 kindreds (= personal referrals).  This enables you to “collect taxes from” (earn commissions on) your referrals and their referrals (maybe some spillover too from upline).  However, to earn the full potential you just need 7 kindreds to collect taxes on 2 million who will eventually be in your matrix. And imagine this, even if your matrix is only 10% full you would still be earning a life changing income.

MMO Cashout Legalities
One of the worlds top MLM Attorneys Kevin Thompson has confirmed that MMO Cashout is 100% compliant and legal.  In fact, Kevin even helped to write the TERMS and CONDITIONS for MMOCO and Buy IT and the rest.

That means, you can share our wonderfully legal business with confidence!!!


(I am not affiliated with this company)

This is to YOUR Success!

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Where is the Money? The Money is in Your Own List

The money is in your own list!

Not only there of course BUT your email list is your most important asset when you are involved with internet marketing and network marketing.

So let me ask you this question:

Why then would you build a list for somebody else when you can do it for yourself? I see it so often,  so many are advertising, marketing, emailing their affiliate programs without using a lead capture page. They are loosing all the leads to the company and they could easily CAPTURE LEADS for their OWN LIST.  And it’s really not so hard. All you need to do is ..

How can the The Free Lead System help you?

Choose the right Tools to build your own List

1.)  You will need a hosted website (hosted on your own domain preferably, free website hosts can shut you down anytime!),
2.)  a capture page to get your prospects to sign up for your info,
3.)  but most of all an autoresponder to follow up with YOUR leads and spread the word about your business.
4.)  It is also recommended to track your results.
Where can you get all this? Let me introduce:

All the Tools you need to build your List

Free Leads System is effective, risk-free and very cost-efficient, and YOU CAN TRY IT FOR FREE!.

Focus on building your list of leads and prospects, the more subscribers you have the better your income will grow and build your credibility in whatever you are trying to convey as your expertise.

The products cost more than the monthly fee altogether. AND:  With the Free Lead System you market products every marketer needs and uses on a daily basis. The Free Lead System helps YOU to generate a full-time income through the Internet. (Unless you want to use the products only of course).  

Running a successful online business isn’t rocket science but it does require Commitment, Work, the  RIGHT TOOLS, and the right people around you. And YOU will find this all here at AIOP. Start taking control of your future and be SUCCESSFUL. 

The Free Lead System is here to help you all the way.

Join me Now we have a FB group for team support and you will not only be involved in one of the best  online opportunities but you’ll also have a  ready made COMPLETE MARKETING SYSTEM  where it is easy to build your own list and also follow up with your prospects.

You can have the same squeeze page like this I am promoting here and many many more … your own campaigns and follow up letters ready done for you placed straight in your FLS autoresponder to build nice lists for YOU.

This is to YOUR Success!

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P.S. Success is possible if you are willing to learn and not to give up. It is not only about making more money, it is also changing your life style. Are you still dreaming of freedom? DO NOT STOP! If it has not happened until now, it does not mean it never will. Change something, may be your thinking, your mind set.  And most of all: Do NOT give up!


Friday, May 31, 2013

You can achieve anything

Love this photo, found it on Facebook :-)

You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be. ― Napoleon Hill
Any ideas, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought -Napoleon Hill
It is not what happens that determines the major part of your future. What happens, happens to us all. It is what you do about what happens that counts. - Jim Rohn

Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache, carries with it the Seed of an equivalent or greater Benefit. - Napoleon  Hill

As long as you are going to be thinking anyway, think big. - Donald Trump

This is to YOUR Success!

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P.S. We are a team of internet marketers, and we here to help you succeed. If you are looking for  a team, that supports you, you found it. Get ready to get EXCITED!!!